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*Record Screeches Off*

WELP. Scotland is no more, but we're still gettin' hitched. Watch this space.

Wedding Party

Molly Stires - Bridesmaid

Sister of the bride, London-based socialite, newly confirmed die hard Manchester United fan, and expert skier. Even money to cry during the ceremony.

Caroline Stires - Bridesmaid

Sister of the bride, professional wedding dancer, and most often found sipping Martinis at various exclusive Manhattan venues. Known as BC. Most likely to help with any ceilidh-related injuries.

Kate Campbell - Bridesmaid

Best friend of the bride, head cheerleader for the NJ Devils and three time world champion bagpipe player (2012-2014). Most likely to be the one that finds Emily's missing shoe/family member/wedding ring.

Colin O'Brien - Groomsman

Friend of the groom, went to Ireland once and has kept the accent, claim to fame that he was the second best scrum half to play for Mystic River for a while there. Most likely to be the one chatting up elderly relatives and arranging an after party.

Pete Harvey - Groomsman

Friend of the groom, the only member of the British Royal Family to be attending the wedding, tragically lost all his hair in a sambuca-related fireball incident. Most likely to be arranging a game of football for the morning of the wedding.

Mark Penman - Groomsman

Brother of the groom, although not nearly as handsome. Like, it's not even close. No way anyone from the states will understand his speech, but we encourage you to smile along with us and laugh politely at the appropriate moments. Most likely to have to track down a runaway bride.

Lauchie Penman - Ring Bearer

Nephew of the groom, very in to dinosaurs and playing barista, still lives with his parents. Most likely to be found playing with the llamas.